Noir de Carmes x Metki Dark Green Serpent F1 melon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
This tasted phenomenal. The initial taste was like a good cantaloupe. Then like a second later, a whole new taste shockingly burst into my mouth powerfully! It's hard to describe, but it was very unique. It was sweet and good. It was savory, too. Definitely a melon I'd recommend. Fairly early, too. I saved the seeds. Three other people liked it quite a bit, too. The texture was meaty. Not too soft. Not too firm. It went from a green color to white to whitish yellow. It smelled good when ripe, before cutting the fruit. I believe the flesh was orange: possibly a light orange, but it was ripe. The seeds were small and a lighter color (not orange).

Here are pictures of the fruit that I ate:
Earlier in the season:

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Re: Noir de Carmes x Metki Dark Green Serpent F1 melon

Here's the second one, which I harvested on Wednesday. It was maybe overripe, as it was quite soft. It was less sweet than the other one, but still sweet. It tasted a lot like an apple with a soft melon texture. (Kind of weird, but cool.) It didn't have the aforementioned double taste phenomenon. I preferred the first one. The rind turned kind of orange.

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