Near-multiflora Brandy Boy cross F3

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I'm growing a plant from a fruit with a very large blossom scar, from the near-multi-flora Brandy Boy cross F2 plant. So, it's F3, this year. Here's a picture I took earlier today:

Near-multiflora Brandy Boy cross F3 tomato plant.

The plant last year was quite desirable, and pretty much like the Brandy Boy F1 tomato that I grew the same year.


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Re: Near-multiflora Brandy Boy cross F3

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Well, it's got 36 flowers on its first truss. I felt like last year's had more, but I'm not sure. Incidentally, my tart Brandy Boy cross F3 from fruit #3 has a whole lot more flowers (about 116, which makes it a true multiflora).

Here's are a couple pictures of it (my plant with the 36 flower truss) from today:
PL tomato plant.

PL tomato plant.
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