Neapolitan pepper

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I grew Neapolitan last year in containers. I'm growing it this year in the ground with a shredded wood mulch. It's doing better this year, and ripening faster. The first ripe fruit was a while ago.

Here are some pictures of the fruits. I saved seeds from the three large ones in the bowl on 20 Aug 2019; those fruits aren't in the second picture. They tasted pretty good. They have a good sweet tang.

Three ripe, red, Neapolitan peppers in a bowl.
Neapolitan peppers on a wooden table.

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Here's a picture of some I harvested. These are all at least starting to turn red. the bowl was basically full, but I put the green/yellow ones in another bowl.
Neapolitan peppers in a stainless steel bowl.
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