Navajo Winter watermelon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Here's the first Navajo Winter watermelon that I've eaten, this year. It has a very thick rind (so it's probably a cross). Nevertheless, most of the rind is sweet and approximately the same texture as the inner fruit. It still has winter watermelon skin (in toughness). It tasted great! It was quite sweet and good. I definitely want to grow the seeds. The seeds were a pearlescent black (shinier than other black seeds I've saved before).

Half of a Navajo Winter watermelon, with a thick, but sweet rind, on a plate. Behind it is an empty rind of the same fruit with a spoon in it; a small bowl containing glistening black seeds from that half of the fruit is next to it. The uneaten half of the fruit has red flesh.
Navajo Winter watermelon fruit, cut open, with thick, but sweet rind. Red flesh. Dark seeds. Seeds in a bowl.
Notice how much of the rind I ate (what's left is the harder, non-sweet part of the rind):
Navajo Winter watermelon rind, with spoon, and black seeds from the fruit in a bowl. Part of a kitchen sink with a washcloth and a scouring pad can be seen.
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