Navajo Red watermelon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
The Navajo Red watermelon is a winter watermelon (meaning it might keep in storage for up to three or four months or so). It has a unique rind appearance. It has reddish seeds. They're not quite as red as Red-seeded Citron (but look similar in color to brown seeds like those of Santo Domingo Brown Seeded).

I grew it in 2017, and it was productive, but there wasn't much taste.

I decided to give it another chance in 2019. I figured it might taste better with warmer soil (with black plastic). I used seeds I saved from 2017. One plant was an obvious cross (I grew three plants in the same spot), but the others looked the same as before.

Anyway, I ate the largest one yesterday. It still looked the same inside and out, seeds and all. However, it tasted amazing! The flavor is kind of like that of Tom Watson (but not quite as finely and intensely sweet to my tongue). The flesh was dense with good texture. It seemed to be a strong diuretic. I'm definitely glad I gave it a second chance! Definitely a favorite for flavor. Of course, I grew about 70 kinds of watermelons in 2017; so, it might be a cross, even though it doesn't look like one (however, I could be wrong, but I think red seeds are recessive to other types). I would rank the flavor above that of Santo Domingo Brown Seeded (another favorite; ranking above it means it's very awesome). I set aside the seeds to zap and save later. It should be noted that my plant this year was in partial shade (so, it's even more impressive that it tasted awesome).

I also ate the obvious cross, which had white seeds, and wasn't fully ripe. It tasted like it was starting to ferment. I didn't save seeds.

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Re: Navajo Red watermelon

I ate the last one on 15 Oct 2019. I ate three burritos afterward (since it's such a strong diuretic and I thought the extra salt from the burritos might be a buffer against that; seems to be working).
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