My Red Beefsteak tomato (possibly Crimson Cushion)

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Note: This particular thread is a departure from the norm, in that it's just about my growout (not about the variety as a whole).

This spring, I planted Crimson Cushion tomato seeds, which started to grow, but they froze. Later, when I thought no more seeds were going to sprout (I only planted six), I planted some Red Beefsteak tomato seeds in the same container (so, that's probably what these are). I was out of Crimson Cushion tomato seeds, and I figured Red Beefsteak might be similar. The Red Beefsteak tomato seeds came from Gardenboy of TomatoJunction, in 2020.

Here is the plant that I'm growing this year. This picture was taken on 27 May 2020.

Red Beefsteak tomato plant or possibly Crimson Cushion tomato plant.
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