Multiple cherry tomato taste test

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I just had a relative taste test several cherry tomatoes: Isis Candy, Eva, Brown Berry, Esterina F1, and Austin's Black Cherry.

She liked Eva, and Esterina F1 the most. From my own taste test of those (not today), I liked Eva and Austin's Black Cherry the most. It looks like we agree on Eva; so, that's really good.

Isis Candy is big for a cherry tomato; in fact, I'd call it a small tomato instead. It's supposed to be super sweet, but it's not really for us (but I do like it a lot—especially its production and hardiness).

It might be nice to cross Eva and Napoli together, to get some super heavy production.

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Re: Multiple cherry tomato taste test

I had another Esterina F1 fruit recently, and it was a lot sweeter with more potent flavor than the initial ones I tasted. The flavor was the same, though (just more of it). I think I'd rank that new fruit above Austin's Black Cherry, however. They're both pretty good, though.
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