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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Morsel_A F1 was a plant I grew in 2021. It was an F1 hybrid, with Napoli as the mother, and an unknown smaller-fruited plant as the father. The fruits were ovate in a symmetrical fashion; they were somewhat sweet, and quite good. They tasted like they'd be good tomatoes in salad (and for snacking); they were firm. They were the size of large cherry tomatoes.

I'm growing one plant from Morsel-A F2 seed, this year (Morsel_B F2). It's the most vigorous of the varieties of tomato plants seeded at its time, by a fair margin (more vigorous even than Hamson). I'm quite impressed with it.

I suspect that Morsel_B might be another F1 cross (with Galapagos Island), as it resembles Galapagos Island quite a bit in some ways (and it was growing very near it last year), and I imagine Morsel_A would have been somewhat different if it were a cross with Galapagos Island (but I could be wrong). Ambiguity like this makes me grateful for my plant breeding name system where I don't have to mention the parentage or whether it's F1, F2, or whatever, in the name: that's what descriptions like this are for!
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