Milk/whey, iodine soap spray

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
This article talks about something I've never heard about before. So, I thought I'd post it. I have no plans to try this specific formulation, but I am very interested in the iodine aspects of it, and what the article has to say about it. Be warned that you'll probably want to read the whole thing if you actually try it (there are important warnings that aren't near the beginning):

Many people think iodine is just unnecessary and dangerous. It can be dangerous, yes. You don't need to add it, per se, true. But, there are still reasons a person might want to do it. 1. Increased iodine content in your food (not everyone wants to use iodized salt for their only source of iodine). 2. Increased fungus-reistance. 3. Increased shelf-life. 4. The pre-transplant boost it talks about in the article.

That is, assuming all those things are true.

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