Matina tomato

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I grew Matina in 2016 (from seeds from, 2017 (from seeds saved in 2016), and 2019 (from seeds from

In 2016, the plant was watered a lot. It was very early and prolific. Many people favored this tomato. It was mildly tangy. The plant was caged. It was vigorous and large. This, along with Thessaloniki, was a favorite.

In 2017, the plants were not watered much at all. They didn't produce many fruits; those they did produce were extremely flavorful (some might say too flavorful to the point of tasting burned). The plants were vigorous and large. The fruit was early.

In 2019, I didn't use saved seeds for fear of last year's being a cross, due to the low production. They tasted pretty normal, maybe similar to how Early Girl F1 does this year. The plant is caged, this year. The plant is unusual in that it produced lots of branches faster than other Matina plants might. It first got at least seven ripe fruits at once (rather than one or two). It wasn't early. The plant received little water and was grown with black plastic around it.

Matina tomato fruit, whole.
Matina tomato fruit, cut.

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