Many big changes

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Okay, the site has experienced some major changes lately.

1. The navigation links to forums at the top of the screen are now visible from all forums.
2. Some other links appear at the bottom of all screens.
3. Registered users must become Members in order to post.
4. Upon registering, users will be directed to the Getting started post, which tells them, among other things, how to become Members.
5. Registered users and Members can no longer move their own threads. Only moderators and administrators can move threads. This is for security reasons.
6. Moderators have been configured properly. So, if I want to add moderators, I can, now.
7. Since only administrators can delete threads of other users, I made a private forum where moderators can move posts.
8. The Wants and Offers forums are only visible to a special user group and Administrators. However, you should be added when you become a member. The purpose of the group is to make use of those forums revoke-able.
9. Only users in a certain group may post in The Writing Desk. There are a few reasons for this: Users might not understand the purpose of it. Users may be very tempted to break the rules there. This is also for quality control purposes. Members may post quality threads about plants and food, but they might be tempted to do who knows what here. Users should be posting elsewhere on the siteā€”for the most part, anyway, but if they post something off-topic, the posts may be moved here.
10. There is a special user group for Herbalists. This privilege to post in the Herbalism forum may be revoked. EDIT: The Herbalism forum was deleted on 13 Jan 2020, due to the expansion of the forums, and how a Herbalism forum is kind of redundant, now that more than just edible plant forums exist.
11. There is a special user group for the Organic Gardening forum. This privilege to post in it may be revoked.
12. The Organic Gardening forum can only be seen by those who have the privilege.
13. Only Administrators and Moderators may lock threads. This is to prevent users from unlocking their threads when moderators have locked them. It is also for quality control purposes.
14. Introductions now go in the Introduce Yourself forum.

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Re: Many big changes

The Writing Desk has been discontinued, since it's kind of redundant, now (with the Non-taxa forum).
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