Lucious purslane weeds in tomatillo container

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I'm growing some tomatillos in a container. However, in one of the containers (not with the biggest of the tomatillo plants that I'm growing), it's chalk full of purslane! I don't know how it got there in such large numbers, but it did.

Purslane is edible and I like the idea of having it in a container where cats aren't as likely to urinate on it. I decided to snip some off and eat it. It tastes better than the purslane I purposefully grew from seed in 2015, 2016 or so. It's pretty good. Anyway, I plan to keep it and periodically prune it to eat.

Here's a picture (I snipped off a portion of plants with scissors, at the front):

Lucious purslane plants/weeds with tomatillos in a container (a white bucket).

I'm not sure which species of Portulaca these plants are.

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