Insurance_1 tomato (Mexican Yellow cross F3)

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And I'm growing it. Here's a picture of the F3 plant. I just thinned it to one plant, today. It has shown excellent greenhouse cold-tolerance and vigor, and great vigor post-transplant. This plant is from the fruit with a very long blossom scar.

Mexican Yellow cross F3 tomato plant; Chapman is probably the father of the cross.

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Re: Insurance_1 tomato (Mexican Yellow cross F3)

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This plant is sure vigorous, both in production and in growth. It's possibly the most prolific tomato of its size I've met. We shall see. The Brandy Boy cross F1 was pretty prolific, but it was an F1.

Anyway, I've codenamed it Insurance_1. See the TomatoJunction link above for the reason (EDIT: I'll just copy and paste that post below, just in case). Essentially, it's insurance again not having much time or energy to harvest when you need to harvest a lot. I harvested enough to fill the food dehydrator in about 45 seconds.

Anyway, I'm dehydrating tomatoes for tomato powder. I did a batch mostly of cherry tomatoes right before it. Big tomatoes are so much faster and easier to harvest, prepare, and dehydrate!


Here's that TomatoJunction post:

I grew some Mexican Yellow seeds in 2017 that I had saved. The fruits were pink; so, I knew it was a cross. I grew an F2 in 2019, and it had very large pink fruits with great taste (the fruit size, fruit color, and the taste are what make me think Chapman is the father plant).

I grew an F3 this year. It had unusually good cold-tolerance in the greenhouse (one of the few that survived). The plant grew enormous. It's actually extremely prolific, by the look of it (I'd love to see how it produces in ideal conditions). I'm codenaming it Insurance_1. Here's why:

I can only go outside for a short time every day, while it's light, due to UV sensitivity. Coincidentally, the mosquito truck sometimes likes to spray a few minutes after I go outside to work in the garden (so, sometimes I just have to go back inside). On Friday, I went outside at about 6:30 PM to harvest some large tomatoes to dehydrate for tomato powder (I find that large tomatoes are by far the fastest and easiest to dehydrate). Anyway, I went out and approached part of this plant. I spent about 45 seconds harvesting, and then the mosquito truck ran by my neighbor's house. However, in that time, I had managed to harvest more than enough large tomatoes to completely fill the rest of the food dehydrator (it has 6 15" x 13" trays, and the slices weren't thin; one of the trays was already filled, but I two more tomatoes, which would have been enough to fill it). Anyway, I call it Insurance_1 because it appears to be insurance against days like that, and against time constraints on preparing for dehydration, too (and actually dehydrating it, too). It's easy to pick lots of tomato fast, and it's really prolific! Keep in mind all I've given it this year was three handfuls of wood ash, and some water earlier in the season. It grows fast, too.

The fruits seem to have reasonably good hang-time, this year and for the F2, too.

I plan to switch my focus from the Brandy Boy crosses to Insurance_1 (and related) for next year. I still plan to grow Picnic_1 next year, though.
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