Ideas of things to do while society is pretty much quarantined

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Here are some ideas of things to do for people who are at home due to the pandemic:

* Write (like novels, short stories, poems, journal, life histories, or something)
* Read and/or listen to audiobooks
* Watch shows/movies
* Listen to music
* Play a musical instrument
* Sing
* Garden
* Cook
* Do family history / genealogy and/or index scanned records to help others do it.
* Clean and/or organize things
* Exercise, stretch, etc.
* Write emails/letters to people, IM them, call them, text them, voicemail them, etc.
* Post on forums
* Learn about edible weeds (a high portion of them are edible, even if there are some really dangerous ones)
* Study new plants and animals
* Learn the names of the butterflies and moths in your area (there was a post here relating to that earlier)
* Relax (this is pretty important)
* Mow your lawn (that's what some people in my area seem to be doing)
* Learn the names of the birds in your area.
* Watch plants/animals, listen to birds sing, etc. (it's therapeutic)
* Play board games; digital versions are sometimes great, too (like Catan Classic and Ticket to Ride); also play abstract strategy games like Chess and Arimaa.
* Volunteer for
* Write content on a wiki, or other website.
* Do necessities; there's usually some of those to do: shower/bathe, shave, brush your teeth, do laundry, finish your to-do list, etc.
* Think positive thoughts.
* Learn about new kinds of edible plants (not just edible weeds).
* Paint, draw, or do other forms of art.
* Blog or do a website.
* Actually do some of those cool things on Pinterest.
* Bask in the sun.
* Do a seed offer.
* Celebrate somebody's birthday (even if they're not present).
* Learn how to do computer programming, or if you already know how, then make something.
* Prune everything that needs pruning.
* Build something.
* If you have a swimming pool, use it.
* Invent something. Invent lots of things.
* Learn new words in the dictionary, and practice using them in sentences.
* Review old public domain books that don't have any reviews.
* Become a Goodreads librarian.
* Play with a dog, cat, or hamster, should you have one.
* Dig a hole as deep as you can, and if you find clay, try making something with it.
* Light a scented candle.
* Update your tradelists
* Grow sprouts and/or microgreens.
* Shop online (there's lots of cool stuff out there)
* Camp in your backyard.
* Lacto-ferment something.
* Meditate
* Eat whatever leftovers you have. Don't forget about them, now that you have time to think more about it.
* Collect something (not toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or masks, please), such as coins, seeds, stamps, rocks, etc. I collect seeds, cookie cutters, coins, and public domain material that hasn't yet been digitized, and digital materials.
* Press flowers and/or leaves in heavy books. When they're flat and dry, you can tape them onto some paper with clear packaging tape (or some such) and store them for future perusal.
* Teach someone a skill (if you don't live alone).

Try not to irritate people with any of these suggestions: as in, be respectful to them, their space, their time, their focus, their ears, their noses, their allergies, their intolerances, their sensitivities, and so forth. They might want to do the same thing you're spending hours a day everyday doing, for that matter. So, you may have to make schedules, compromise, or take turns.
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