Ideal food dehydrator

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
This post is an attempt to describe my ideal food dehydrator:

• Ideally, it would also be a *large* electric convection oven (like the size of a regular kitchen oven, and usable as one), and an air fryer.
• It would have at least ten fine mesh stainless steel racks, the huge size of oven racks.
• It would also come with oven racks (but ten isn't a requirement).
• Temperature could range from 0° F. to at least 550° F., with increments of 1° F.
• I don't care if it's not digital, as long as it's accurate. Digital is fine, as long as it doesn't have imposed limits that non-digital ovens lack.
• The ability to run it without it automatically shutting off after a certain amount of time.
• The ability to run it with it automatically shutting off after a certain period of time.
• A regular electric stovetop, with metal burners (not gas; not flat-top)
• The ability to run the fans at any temperature, including 0° F.
• The ability to use the heat with the fans off (and have it cook like an oven that isn't a convection oven)
• The fans should be placed at the back (not on the bottom, nor on the top).
• It should have a regular oven light.
• If the door is more transparent than a regular oven door, it should be sturdy and high quality like an traditional oven door, without a manual latch, and without letting heat escape.
• It should have the option to have only the top heat on (for broiling and such), only the bottom heat on, only the side heat on, or all at the same time. Or any configuration not mentioned.
• It should be lined with a reflective surface inside to increase the heat, via infrared.
• The fans should be able to be quite strong, and there should be several, or else large.
• The fans should have different strength settings.
• Vents should be able to open to release more moisture.
• Vents should be able to close to lock in the moisture and heat.
• It should come with fruit leather inserts, but if it doesn't that's not the end of the world.
• It should have a lifetime warranty.
• Ideally, it would heat in a fashion that you couldn't actually see the heating element. This would allow for other features here, and would be easier to clean. It would make using it safer, too.
• There would be a clean setting that can get hot enough to completely strip the seasoning off cast-iron pans in one clean, as some ovens have been known to do.
• The sides of the oven should be able to produce heat, too, just as the bottom and the top. The back should have the fans.
• It should be free of materials that would necessitate a California prop whatever warning.
• It should be affordable enough to become mainstream, rather than a luxury oven.
• It should tell you both the actual temperature inside the oven, and the temperature it is set to become/maintain.
• Any feature combinations that I referenced with safety issues should be addressed to ensure it runs safely.

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