How wonderberries go with other foods

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Wonderberries go excellently with ham. They add a nice zesty flavor. If I eat a few right before I bite into some ham, it also enhances the flavor of that ham.

Wonderberries go well with tomatoes. Combined with tomatoes, they're great cooked in frittatas, and on pizza; they're less remarkable without tomatoes in these regards.

Wonderberries are excellent salad berries. They add visual appeal and nutrition without significantly changing the taste or texture of the salad (and without making it wet). So, they're appropriate in savory vegetable-only (other than them) salads, too. No need to keep them with fruit only.

Wonderberries blended up with blackberries taste neither like wonderberries, nor like blackberries. They do taste good, however, and they thicken remarkably if they sit for a little while (after blending them up in a blender). I think this combination would be excellent in pies, as it has a quality that reminds me somewhat of sour cherry pie filling (but yes, they taste different than that). As to why or how they thicken, I have no idea (no heat is required to thicken them), bit I did blend them on the highest setting to blend up most of the seeds, too. I have yet to hear how another taster (who doesn't think wonderberries have much taste) feels about the combination (but it's in the refrigerator, awaiting the test, and this was her idea). I'm also uncertain how those who think they taste like tomatoes would feel.

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Re: How wonderberries go with other foods

I had wonderberries on pizza for the first time this year, yesterday, and it was amazing. The flavor was more noticeable this time than in previous years. I wonder what the reason was. Wonderberries usually add a taste that I crave all year long, but it was stronger, this time.

It was a Great Value three meat pizza with the following things added:
- wonderberries
- tomato slices (store-bought Roma-type tomatoes)
- granulated garlic
- sweet pepper powder (homemade, from homegrown peppers)
- basil
- extra virgin olive oil

I didn't add extra cheese, but the wonderberries made extra cheese seem much less necessary, interestingly.
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