How to make firestarters

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
So, those no-hassle firestarters (for lighting fires to keep your house warm) are getting expensive, these days (those Strike-a-fire ones). We've been dividing them up into several to make them last longer. Yes, you don't need them to light a fire, but they make the process easier.

Within the last few days or so, I discovered a nice substitute. All you do is take a handful of toilet paper, put a reasonable amount of rubbing alcohol in it, and position it like you would your firestarter. Then wipe your hands dry (so they don't catch fire), light a match, toss it on, and watch it burn for a good long time (at least a few minutes).

This is nice, since it's so easy to light. You don't have to wait any time at all (just touch the fire and the toilet paper bursts into flames).

It's also inexpensive. You could take a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a roll of toilet paper camping (for a campfire), for that matter (they'd have more uses than firestarters, of course).

Anyway, of all the flammable substances with which to light a fire I've seen, I'd have to say I like rubbing alcohol and toilet paper the most. It's easy. It's clean. And it's fun. However, to be safe, make sure you don't have rubbing alcohol on your hands or such when you light the fire (it can catch fire instantly).

This is in the substance forum because toilet paper and rubbing alcohol are both substances rather than units.
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