Honeycomb x Torpeda F1

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I grew Honeycomb F1 last year and saved the seeds (at least one of which got cross-pollinated by Torpeda). I grew the cross-pollinated seed this year, and it grew these two fine fruits, which were quite striped earlier in the season. They slipped from the vine when ripe, surprisingly. I don't recall either of the parents doing that.

Anyway, it has a very small seed cavity! I'm impressed. It has the watermelon-like texture that Torpeda had, except somewhat softer. The flavor is very intense and rich. It's one of the best melons I've ever had! Extremely sweet, too. I like how many of the seeds don't have lots of gel (some of them do). The stripes are dominant. The flesh texture is dominant. Honeycomb's flesh color seems dominant (Torpeda was coconut white).

The one I cut open and tasted was the smaller of the two (I had just eaten a lot of watermelon). I put the bigger one in the refrigerator.

The fruits are maybe about six inches long. Maybe 4-7lbs or so.

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Re: Honeycomb x Torpeda F1

We've been eating the bigger one for a little while now (since August 19th). Everyone seems to like it quite a bit. I think the smaller one tasted better, but that's probably because we ate it sooner (the bigger one was sitting in the refrigerator for a good while before we opened it). Both tasted very good, and sweet, however. I saved the seeds of both melons.

One taster (of the second fruit) preferred it to any honeydew that the taster had tried before, and preferred it to cantaloupe. This taster described the texture as crisp (that's not how I would describe it), and was pleased with it.

Note that the spoon in the second picture is a large spoon.
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