Honeycomb F2 melons

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Also see this thread: http://www.growspice.com/Honeycomb-x-Torpeda-F1-tc496.html

Some hours ago, I opened a Honeycomb F2 melon. It was very sweet (and good), except closer to the rind where it was darker green. It wasn't perfectly round, but unevenly round is the closest description. The rind was a little ripply, like Valencia Winter melon, except white and not nearly as ripply. The seed cavity was fairly small. The flesh was firmer than the F1's and firmer than Honeycomb x Torpeda F1's.

I suspect this is a cross with Ashkahabad, but I can't say at this point. If I get yellow rinds next time, that should tell me.

See my posts that start on page 5 of The Organic Gardening Community's Melon thread for more information about this specific fruit, and for pictures. Well, just in case, here are two of the pictures:

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