Harvesting bunching onion seeds

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I harvested some bunching onion seeds, today, likely Crimson Forest. I took a brown paper bag, put the heads inside, and shook them to get the loose seeds to fall into the bag. When I finally looked in the bag, it had lots of earwigs in it! I hadn't seen any in the flowers, but I guess they hide in them!

The pictures here with the flower heads are before I shook the seeds (and earwigs) in the bag. So, you can see how nicely the earwigs are hiding. The huge leaves are from horseradish plants.

Bunching onion flower head with seeds.
Bunching onion flower heads with seeds.
Bunching onion flower head(s) with seeds.
Bunching onion head(s) with seeds. Honeybee on bunching onion flower.
Brown paper bag with earwig.

To remove all the earwigs, I had to dump the seeds (and some of the earwigs) out on a plate, let the earwigs crawl away, shake the remaining earwigs out of the bag, and pour the seeds back into the bag.

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