Girl Girl's Weird Thing tomato

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain

Girl Girl's Weird Thing tomato

Abbreviation: GGWT

• Sport of Green Zebra discovered by a dog named Girl Girl, for whom the tomato is named; Girl Girl brought the tomato to her owner
• Introduced by Jessica Hughes, Canada (who is known as jessleigh of San Martin, California, on Tomatoville), in 2012 (the source for the introduction year is gixxerific of the Helpful Gardener forums, mentioned on 20 May 2013).
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• A number of vendors offer it, now (June 2020).
• It should be easy to get seeds if you're a member of Tomatoville and/or TomatoJunction.


I grew Girl Girl's Weird Thing in 2016. It grew nice-sized tomatoes and was more prolific and early than the average tomato that year. The tomatoes looked nice, but the color was slightly different and they lacked taste; so, I think mine was a cross: It's supposed to have good flavor. Whatever the case, I got a cross or mixed up seed from my 2016 saved seeds with similar, but more prolific, results, in 2017; it was supposed to be Missouri Pink Love Apple, which I also grew in 2016 (but it looked and tasted like GGWT had).

If I recall, in 2017, I also grew GGWT from seeds I saved in 2016, but it was crowded and shaded; it didn't produce.

I plan to grow it again from another seed source in 2021.

There was an old thread on Gardenweb about this, where Jessica Hughes posted, I believe, but I can't seem to find it, yet. I think they were discussing what to name the tomato.

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