First ripe tomato, 2020; ripening order

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
We got our first ripe tomatoes, today. There were three altogether: one from the Galapagos Island plant from a seed from a fruit with 5 locules, and the other two were from the Galapagos Island tomato from seeds from fruits that had withstood several hard freezes.

I gave the fruits to someone, who ate them, and said they were good, and described them as tart.

The fruits started to color a day or two ago.

I think the one from the 5-chamber plant is on the right, but I could be wrong:

Solanum cheesmaniae Galapagos Island yellow cherry tomato fruits. First ripe tomatoes of the 2020 season. Picture taken on the evening of 9 July 2020.

As you can see the one from the 5-chamber plant doesn't appear to have five chambers, by the fruit size and shape. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the fruits. They're a nice color.

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Re: First ripe tomato, 2020; ripening order

Esterina F1 and the volunteer that looks like Mountain Princess are ripening. The volunteer actually has a very orange fruit; I'm thinking it'll turn red, but I'm not sure. I grew very few orange tomatoes last year (there was a volunteer that was likely Orange Minsk, and I don't know what else, if any others; Sweet Orange Cherry and Galapagos Island are yellow/gold).

I'll probably harvest them on Monday, if they're ripe.

Note that I think the volunteer that looks like Mountain Princess got a little herbicide on it, as it showed some symptoms. After its fruit ripens and I save seeds, I might just pull it up to make extra room for neighboring plants. I'm not sure if it'll grow more, but it might. It looks weakened.
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