First full batch of dehydrated tomatoes, 2020

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
So, I dehydrated these tomatoes last night (and today):

Stainless steel bowl of garden tomatoes on stove. Late July 2020.

And we got this result:

Dehydrated tomatoes in a red melamine bowl on stove. 1 August 2020.

I had them on 167 for about 5 hours, and 145 the rest of the time. Different temperatures would assuredly get different flavors. Most of them seem to taste like tomato soup with a zing and a little sweetness. Some of the ones I tasted taste different, and sweeter. I haven't tasted all the kinds, dehydrated, yet. Not all of the cherry tomatoes finished dehydrating, so we ate those. Some did, though; they look like dried goldenberries.

I had punctured the skins of all the tomatoes thoroughly to speed up the drying process.

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Tomato powder

See this thread for information about the tomato powder that I made with it:

Suffice it to say, the tomato powder is really good and makes an excellent seasoning on scrambled eggs that reminds me of MSG with lots of umami flavor (you need to add quite a bit of the powder to get more than a mild flavor). I blended up the dehydrated tomatoes in the blender, and added PermaGuard food grade diatomaceous earth as an anti-caking agent.

Here the same picture of the powder found in that thread, before I added the food grade diatomaceous earth:

Homemade tomato powder. August, 2020.
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