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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Here's my Eva tomato, so far, this year. If you don't know the story behind it, I recommend talking to the breeder and hearing it. I don't remember it in full, since I booted myself from Tomatoville on accident, and can't read my private messages (wherein I was told the story). This is not the same as Eva Purple Ball. I believe it's a sweet, bullet-shaped tomato, in the same class as Maglia Rosa, Wild Tiger and others. The plant is wispy, so far. I thinned it, today.

Eva tomato plant.


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Re: Eva tomato

I harvested a number of ripe Eva tomatoes today. They kind of brown with a sheen. They're firm, and thankfully didn't get wrinkly! All the striped, bullet-shaped tomatoes I've previously grown before had a habit of producing wrinkly fruit. The taste was very good, and sweet. I prefer the taste to Maglia Rosa, but I think I like Green Tiger just a bit more, flavor-wise. It's similar in flavor to Green Tiger, but without the green tomato taste, and I don't remember if it was quite as sweet (but close, if not). I'd grow it over Green Tiger, though, due to its firmness and lack of wrinkles. It's more aesthetically appealing to me, also.

Here's a picture of the fruits (the bigger ones tasted better than the smallest); the black stuff on my hand is marker from my labeling the empty herbal tea bags for the seeds that I saved:

Eva tomato fruits in hand, 23 July 2020.
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