Earthquake, 31 March 2020

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
We just had an earthquake! (At 5:54-5:55 PM Mountain Time.) A relative of mine about six hours drive away in Nevada exerpienced a similar one at the same time. They lasted about 20-30 seconds. It felt like there was some construction going on right by me, and I thought a relative in the kitchen was doing it with something or other at first. The house seems to be fine, other than some brass that fell off a shelf.

I felt a feeling like a mix between anxiety (the excited sort, and not the worrisome sort) and static electricity, but the electrical feeling could have been my imagination.


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Re: Earthquake, 31 March 2020

So, it looks like the earthquake's center was Challice, Idaho. 6.5. Reaching way down there in Nevada, though (not right on the border), that's pretty significant (and so-far unreported). They might have felt that in SLC, too.
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