Early Girl F1 tomato

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Here are some pictures of some Early Girl F1 tomato fruits from a plant purchased at either Walmart or The Home Depot, this spring.
Early Girl F1 tomato fruits, whole.
Early Girl F1 tomato fruits, sliced.

I zapped and saved the seeds, and put the fruit in the refrigerator. I used two zappers at once, the whole time. My Z4EX, and I think zapper #6 (30khz).

I think the plant has a very mild case of alternaria (that came with it from the store). It's a good plant, though. I know the zappers seem to have been able to take care of that disease in seeds in the past.

It's awesome to finally have replenished my supply of Early Girl F2 seeds.


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Re: Early Girl F1 tomato

Someone traded me a pack of Early Girl F1 tomatoes purchased from the northeast (I think Maine). I grew a plant this year to compare it with store-bought plants. It got a late start, but I got some ripe ones several hours ago. They tasted extremely sweet! That was unusual for Early Girl F1. Another taster agreed that it was sweet. So, I harvested a fruit from the store-bought plant to compare, and it was strangely sweet, too! They weren't the only quite-sweet tomatoes on August 28th, 2019.

I saved seeds.
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