Delicious 51 melon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I grew Delicious 51 from Everwilde Farms. I knew from the picture of it where I bought it that it was probably a cross, but I wanted to try it anyway. It grew a fruit that looked like a Charentais melon (but it tasted very delicious in a way that the Charentais melon I grew this year did not, and it had a good texture; I don't want to call it firm, but I don't know a better word that wouldn't sound off-putting; fibrous is the better but off-putting word, but it's a good texture and not a bad one; it wasn't fibrous like old broccoli is fibrous or anything). It smelled very good and was quite sweet. It had orange flesh (more orange than the picture depicts). It cracked on the blossom end, but the flesh didn't have that spicy fungal taste or anything (so, not a bad crack).

It was my fourth favorite melon for taste that I've tasted so far (but it had strong competition).

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