Dehydrating watermelon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
We were gifted a seedless watermelon recently (probably about 20lbs in weight). I cut it open and we ate about a slice of it altogether. Then I cut up the rest and started dehydrating it. Yes, the dehydrator fits about a whole store-bought seedless watermelon, although with thinner slices, maybe not. I was surprised six 15"x13" trays were enough! It was pretty heavy. I'm also dehydrating an apple, too, since there was a little room left over. I set it to 145° F. after I put all the trays in, but it was on 135° F. for a time (with already-loaded trays) while I was cutting up the watermelon and loading the other trays. I may have stuck with 135° F., but I heard it's pretty good with a temperature that isn't particularly low. So, we'll see.
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