Dehydrating cucumbers

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
We've been getting a lot of cucumbers, this year (they're all Spacemaster, unless you count West India burr gherkins as cucumbers). Anyway, we decided to dehydrate a batch of them (six 15" x 13" trays)! They smell just like the dehydrated watermelon.

They're resting on silicone mesh dehydrator mats on the stainless steel trays (so, hopefully those allow sufficient airflow). This is the first time we've used the mats.

I'm dehydrating them on 140° F. Hopefully that works out.

I abandoned putting foil on the bottom tray, since it seemed to slow down the process. Cleaning the bottom of the dehydrator and underneath it shouldn't be so hard to make me want to make the dehydration not work well.

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Re: Dehydrating cucumbers

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These cucumbers are drying astonishingly fast! They're almost done (most of them already are, by the look of it).

Note, that they were skinned before being dried.

I tasted one, and it has a really interesting flavor. It has about three tastes, each in succession (with the first two lasting about a second each). It's sweeter than I imagined, too. They're thinner dry than I realized they would be, also.
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