Congo crosses

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I'm growing three spots of three different kinds of watermelons that each share congo as their matriarchal ancestor. There are probably three plants per spot, and each plant is probably different, too.

Anyway, I ate one today. I think it crossed again with Sugar Baby Bush last year, since the seeds are small, thick, and woody. Outwardly, it doesn't resemble Sugar Baby Bush, however, as in it's not round (which seems odd if it is a cross with it).

The flesh looked like that of the best-tasting watermelons I've had, but although it was good, it didn't taste like them.

It was solid dark green.

Congo cross watermelon sliced open.
Congo cross watermelon sliced open.

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Re: Congo crosses

We ate another one, on 26 Aug 2019, which had texture a lot like Verona.
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