Cold-hardy houseplants

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
This thread is to list and talk about cold-hardy houseplants. Of course, it's not going to be as cold in a house as it will be outdoors, but if you want to be sure that putting your plant in a windowsill during the winter isn't going to make it suffer, I imagine the plants in this list might work for that.

* English Ivy (sometimes listed for zone 4)
* Deadnettle (zones 3-8; I've read you can grow them as houseplants in hanging baskets)
* Hostas (sometimes listed for zone 3)
* Cast-iron plant (sometimes listed for zone 6)
* Sempervivum
* Dracaena indivisa (I've seen it listed for zone 7)
* False Shamrock (I've seen it listed for zone 8)
* Sedum (some are for zone 4)
* Camellia (at least some are listed for zone 6)
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