Cilantrovaya_ tomato project

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Cilantrovaya_A F2 is the same plant as MKX_B. See the MKX_ project for earlier information about MKX_B:

This project was named due to the first fruit of Cilantrovaya_A having a delayed aftertaste of fresh cilantro, and having Medovaya Kaplya as an ancestor (from which it gets its color and leaf type). Also, the honey-like aftertaste (medovaya means honey in Russian), which is more instant (with hints of fruitiness at the same time).

The first fruit began to color 54 days from the transplant (but it needed at least a couple more days to ripen). I only waited one day, and thus it was underripe when I ate it (which was primarily noticeable by the taste of the gel around the seeds). It had 80 seeds. The seeds were larger in size than one might expect. I swallowed 20 accidentally while removing the gel sacks in my mouth (which I did in order to taste them).

I'm about to dry the remaining 60 seeds, which I've zapped in water with a Z4EX (15+ minutes per frequency, as usual, with copper pipes; I used a fresh 9v battery, as I had been using the old one for a while now).

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Re: Cilantrovaya_ tomato project

I tasted another Cilantrovaya_A tomato fruit, today. It was really good, actually! A lot of the perceived taste comes from the smell while eating it, but that is sweet and kind of fruity: it's also like a mix between Esterina F1 and Coyote. I liked it a lot. Speaking of Coyote, it does have kind of that wild tomato tomatine taste like Coyote does, although not as strong (but that wasn't noticeable with the previous fruit I evaluated). I sensed the flavor could develop further by letting it ripen even longer, but it didn't taste unripe.
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