Chlorophytum houseplant varieties

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Chlorophytum bichettii:
- No named varieties, AFAIK (green inside; white edges)

Chlorophytum capense:
- No named varieties, AFAIK (green inside; white edges)

Chlorophytum comosum:
- Atlantic (white inside; green edges)
- Bonnie (white inside; green edges; curly)
- Heirloom Green (solid green)
- Ocean (solid green or green inside with white edges, depending on who you ask)
- Reverse Variegatum (possibly the same as Variegatum; green inside; white edges)
- Sea (solid green; possibly the same as Ocean)
- Shamrock (solid green)
- Variegatum (reverse spider plant; green inside; white edges; possibly the same as Reverse Variegatum)
- Vittatum (white inside; green edges; this is probably the most common kind)

Chlorophytum laxum:
- Zebra

Chlorophytum orchidastrum/amaniense:
[These have solid green leaves, with orange or reddish stems. The leaves are shorter and rounder than those of standard C. comosum spider plants.]
- Fire Flash (might be the same as Mandarin Orange)
- Green Orange
- Mandarin Orange

Chlorophytum viridescens:
- Green Variegated (white inside; green edges; not sure if this is the same as the regular variety.)
- Hawaiian (solid green to variegated: white inside; green edges; sometimes this is listed as C. comosum)
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