Chilacayote burrito wrap

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I was eating some burritos, today (baked frozen chimichangas), and decided to wrap the last one in some chilacayote leaves from the garden, as I had done first recently. I first put a stack of leaves in the toaster oven on bake for a few minutes (to make them softer). Then I wrapped the burrito in the leaves, and ate. It was pretty good.

Here are some pictures I took of it partially eaten:

Half-eaten chimichanga wrapped in wilted chilacayote squash leaves.
Chimichanga wrapped in baked chilacayote squash leaves.

Yes, my chilacayote is getting fairly large leaves already! Yes, the large leaves are edible, just as the smaller ones, although the veins are a little chewier.
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