Cherokee Purple tomato

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain

Cherokee Purple tomato

• Fruit color: black
• Fruit shape: beefsteak
• Fruit size: large
• Growth habit: indeterminate
• Leaf type: regular leaf
• Maturity: midseason
• Uses: slicer

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Save the Flavors – Cherokee Purple Tomato and Vidalia Onion Tart, by Gwen Pratesi

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This is often considered the best-tasting tomato, although it has a lot more competition for the title than it once did. Some growers report it being early, and some report it being prolific—but neither always seems to be the case for everyone.

I got some Cherokee Purple tomato seeds from in the fall of 2014, and for the 2015 season, I started a couple plants indoors under lights and in a windowsill. They seemed to come with some disease, which in retrospect might have been Pythium or another stem disease, although it didn't kill them. I transplanted them in poor conditions. One of the plants got at least one extremely late, and probably unripe fruit by the end of the season. I didn't get to taste it, as I lost track of it in the harvest or something.

Anyway, I plan to try it again some year, but I haven't as of yet. I have grown Indian Zebra (AKA Indian Stripe), and Cherokee Green Pear. I'm growing Cherokee Yellow Red Pear, and Cherokee Yellow Perfection Peach, this year (2020), neither of which are stable, yet, I imagine; I was growing Cherokee Yellow Red, too, but it froze in the unheated greenhouse, I believe.

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