Charley's Pride melon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I'm growing seeds that I was told were Charley's Pride. However the fruits didn't match the description—but I think that may just be because the plants are struggling with the growing conditions. The fruits are undersized, and not all of them are striped. They should be quite large and striped.

Whatever variety it is, though, the taste is phenomenal! It's one of the sweetest melons I've tasted, which is really saying something for an undersized melon. It's super sweet and really good. It's almost a bubble gum type flavor, but it's not (it tastes very much like very good food).

The fruit smelled good before I cut it open, but it smelled much better after I cut it open. The flesh is orange (it looks less orange in the picture).

Next year, I plan to overwinter some seeds in a spot amended with basalt rockdust, potassium and phosphorus. That should help it do better, as should some acclimatization.

Here are some pictures of the first ripe one of them:

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