Carbon tomato

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Here are my Carbon tomatoes, so far, this year.

This one is from FarmerShawn of Tomatoville (I received the seeds in 2019).

Carbon tomato plant from FarmerShawn's seeds.

This one must be from Gardenboy of Tomatoville (I received seeds from him in 2019), although I'm not 100% sure (it's not from FarmerShawn's seeds). As far as I know, I don't have any Carbon seeds from anyone besides Gardenboy and FarmerShawn (although I once had some from TomatoFest that I gave to someone).

Carbon tomato plant.


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Re: Carbon tomato

I got a ripe Carbon tomato, today. It had BER; so, that's why it was so early. It was from the plant that was not from FarmerShawn's seeds. The seeds were still green; so, I just ate them.

Anyway, it tasted quite good. It was both quite sweet and quite tart. I'm pleased with the flavor. Hopefully I like the regular ones, too. It did not taste like Ron's Carbon Copy did in 2016 (which was not tart at all, and not the same kind of sweetness).

It's remarkable that it had BER, since I gave the plant three handfuls of wood ash (which is high in calcium).
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