COVID-19 mutations

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The article above begins talking about an Indian strain of the virus with a mutation that changes the way it binds with cells or some such, and how this could thwart current efforts to create a vaccine. Then it says some really interesting stuff you won't find on Google's news. It says the virus mutates at the same rate as the flu (which is contrary to what I've read in the past), and that there are thousands of mutations of COVID-19 in the world. (Well … That puts new insight into the situation, and might explain why people can get it more than once.) Then they go back to talking about the original topic, and say that maybe the specific mutation that could thwart vaccines was just a sequencing error.

Here's another article that talks about mutations of COVID-19:

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Re: COVID-19 mutations

Contrast that with this:

I wonder what they consider a quickly-mutating virus, if they consider the flu to be slow.
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