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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Here is my first ripe fruit from my Brandy Boy F10 plant (which plant had a very late start). The other two fruits are partially ripe (which is to say, ripe enough to save seeds). The ripe fruit has some concentric cracking and the beginnings of radial cracking, but the fruit is quite firm, and it didn't spoil it.

I plan to try the F11 next year to give it a more fair trial. Fortunately, it's potato leaf; so, if it crosses with something, I should know, unless it's one of my Brandy Boy crosses with a PL allele, Brandy Boy F1, Aunt Gertie's Gold, Bloody Butcher, Matina, Moravsky Div, Early Girl F1, a PL volunteer of an unknown variety, or one of the F1 hybrids with unknown parent leaf types. Yeah, that's still a lot of possibilities.

Brandy Boy F10 tomato fruit, whole.
Brandy Boy F10 tomato fruit, whole.
Brandy Boy F10 tomato fruit, whole.
Brandy Boy F10 tomato fruit, whole.
Brandy Boy F10 tomato fruit, whole.

Here's the ripe one cut open. The stem was tough to remove, just as with my F1 Brandy Boy cross:
Brandy Boy F10 tomato fruit, sliced.
Brandy Boy F10 tomato fruit, sliced.

The seeds are a nice large size (although I've seen bigger). The taste is strikingly like Matina's was in 2017 (grown in drought in crowded conditions without black plastic), except not as intense (pretty close, though). I describe that as a burnt tomato taste. It's as intense as it can get and still taste good, pretty much (it was exceedingly potent in Matina). It's not the taste I was expecting at all, from what I've heard about Brandy Boy, from what I've tasted of Brandywine types, and from what I've tasted of the Brandy Boy cross and its children. I'm guessing the growing conditions are responsible for unexpected taste. The skin wasn't super thin, but almost all of our tomatoes had thicker skin, this year; it didn't have super thick skin, though.

The fruit size is smaller than the size my Brandy Boy crosses usually are, but tha could be due to the late start that the plant got. The first one to three fruits or so of the F1 cross weren't bigger, though, and these are the first few.

I grew this Brandy Boy F10 in drought with black plastic. I'm sure it would taste quite different with regular watering. Acclimatization might make it taste different, also.


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Re: Brandy Boy F10 tomato

So, now that I've tasted Brandy Boy F1, I'm concluding that it tastes different. The F1 tastes a lot like my nearly multi-flora PL Brandy Boy cross F2 from fruit C, which is a lot different.

However, as my cross seems to have come from the same line as the F10 Brandy Boy, the F10 probably is capable of tasting like Brandy Boy F1 in different growing conditions, especially as the breeder believed it tasted the same.

I didn't grow the F1 and the F10 right next to each other. So, maybe they would taste different if I swapped soils. They're on opposite ends of the garden.
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