Black tomato recommendations

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
From things I've read and a few things I've grown, I would recommend trying the following black tomatoes, for a good introduction to black tomatoes:

* Cherokee Purple
* Indian Stripe Potato Leaf (similar to Cherokee Purple, and often preferred to the RL version)
* Black Cherry (maybe try Austin's Black Cherry)
* Black Krim
* Paul Robeson (mine was very flavorful and good; mine was juicy, with almost no hang-time)
* Japanese Black Trifele
* JD's Special C-tex
* Carbon
* Ron's Carbon Copy (very sweet to me, but some others disagree)
* Chocolate Sprinkles F1
* Bear Creek
* Aunt Ginny's Purple
* Black from Tula (not my personal preference, so far, but loads of people like it, and I overwatered mine)
* Black Prince (ditto, although I had a crop failure when I tried it)
* Ananas Noire (ditto)
* Amazon Chocolate (ditto, but isn't as popular as it used to be)
* Cherokee Chocolate
* Girl Girl's Weird Thing (close enough to black)
* True Black Brandywine
* Black Sea Man (maybe the only determinate on this list!)
* Tasmanian Chocolate (OSSI-pledged dwarf tomato)
* Brad's Black Heart
* Chocolate Pear
* Black Plum
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