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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I finally discovered what the dark-headed sparrow-like birds that come on our property probably are: Dark-eyed Juncos (the Oregon-type)!

Also, the yellow-eyed blackbirds we have are possibly Brewer's Blackbirds. We have yellow-headed blackbirds, too.

Here's a list of some more, in no particular order:
• Hybrid doves (they're crosses between mourning doves and collared doves; the mourning doves were native, but I'm not sure if any pure ones persist); other kinds of doves seem to live here, too
• Robins
• Seagulls (usually, we just see them in the sky, at parks, and in parkinglots)
• Canadian geese (usually, we just see them in the sky, but they land in parks and stuff, at times)
• Starlings
• Herons
• Ducks
• Red-tailed hawks
• Barn owls
• Great-horned owls
• Sparrows
• Ospreys
• Finches (including yellow ones)
• Hummingbirds (three+ sizes)
• Woodpeckers (at least two kinds, probably more)
• Sandpipers
• Crows
• Magpies
• Turkeys
• Pheasants
• Quail
• Chukars (presumably they're in the Treasure Valley, but I haven't seen them, to my knowledge)
• Stellars jays (I only saw one)
• Oregon Juncos
* Blackbirds
• Yellow-headed blackbirds
• Pigeons

Reported by other people I know:
• Cranes
• Pelicans
• Swans (in Boise)
• Bald Eagles
• Golden eagles
• Snowy owls (a relative says she almost hit one with her car; I don't think they're otherwise known to live here, however)

Our most abundant birds seem to be these, right now (2017 through 2020):
• Blackbirds
• Sparrows
• Doves
• Oregon juncos
• Robins
• Magpies
• Red-tailed hawks
• Robins

Bird feeders on my street almost exclusively attract blackbirds (both types), sparrows, and juncos.

The birds I hear singing the most (and identifiably) are blackbirds, doves, and robins. Cries from red-tailed hawks are fairly common, as are general tweets from unknown kinds of birds. I used to hear magpies a lot as a child; they're still around, but not quite as vocal. A few years ago, I heard a lot of barn owls at night, and one year I heard a lot of great-horned owls at night.

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