Best black tomatoes for market

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
So, this discussion was going on at Tomatoville:

I can't use Tomatoville anymore; so, I'll post my reply here whether or not anyone gets it.

As far as market qualities go, I'd suggest these:

Cold Black Brandy. Firm and durable. Exceptional high quality taste. Large, pear shape.

Carbon: Excellent taste; market qualities seem quite reasonable.

Black Cherry (at least the version of it that I grew of it): The fruits seemed to have good market appeal, in my opinion. The taste was excellent.

Probably SunChocola F1 (I tried an F2 in 2020, and it was awesome; not sure about it's market qualities, but they seemed fine; it's for taste that I mention it, though. I've never tried the F1.)

BSX: Gets a lot of big tomatoes early on when people probably want tomatoes most. The taste is standard black tomato taste like Black Giant and Black Bear (not profound like the others I've mentioned). Market qualities are probably normal.

Black Giant: Just a good all-around tomato. Flavor is about normal for a black tomato.
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