Bee in wonderberry flower

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I saw a bee dangling from a wonderberry flower (by its hands) for a really long time. I thought maybe it was pollinating it, but I waited, and waited, and it was still there. So, I attempted to help it out, and as soon as it saw me get close, it stopped and flew off. So, it wasn't stuck, it seems. Perhaps the flower was just small; so, it required the bee to stretch and dangle. Anyway, I put a label under that flower in hopes that it'll make a fruit that ripens (for seed-saving purposes) before the frost. I removed the other blossoms/fruits on the truss. If the flower was that interesting to a honeybee, then it might be worth trying to breed wonderberries where all the flowers are attractive to them. Plus, the resulting fruits might taste better.

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Re: Bee in wonderberry flower

The plants froze before a fruit formed and ripened. There's always next year! I plan to pay attention.
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