Baked potatoes and chicken sandwiches

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I haven't experimented terribly with creating chicken sandwiches. So, I decided it's about time to start.

I live with a relative who likes plain, unseasoned, unadorned baked chicken. No seasonings. No sauces. Just the natural flavor. I like to flavor and/or sauce things.

Anyway, I decided I would make the chicken, last night, and then I could make mine how I wanted it (and experiment with making chicken sandwiches). Yeah, people probably usually grill their chicken breasts for sandwiches, but baking was the option here.

So, I put my relative's chicken in a separate pan, and got some potatoes to bake. I scored the potatoes, but then decided I wanted them to cook even faster (so they'd be done easily the same time as the chicken), so I quartered the smaller potatoes, and I cut the larger potatoes into eighths.

Then I made some seasoning to coat the chicken in, and I decided to coat the potatoes in it, too. The seasoning could have contained any number of things, but it contained this (probably not the ideal recipe, but it's one that worked well enough for my purposes):

* Soy sauce
* Worcestershire sauce
* Key lime powder
* Granulated garlic
* Black pepper
* Avocado oil
* Water (because it was kind of thick)

So, I coated the chicken and potatoes (and I ought to have greased the pan, like I did for my relative's, but I didn't, as I figured the seasoning of the pan and the oil in the chicken/potato seasoning might be enough--it wasn't, but I managed to extract them from the pan).

Anyway, I baked it on 450 degrees F. for 50 minutes. The chicken was very well-done, and a good consistency for sandwiches (if you like your meat well-done). The potatoes were also very well done; so, I put some of them on my sandwiches, too. I put mayonnaise on each slice of bread, and added romaine lettuce. I thought about adding tomatoes and especially onions (but I didn't).

Anyway, it tasted great. The potatoes were about as tasty of a contribution to the sandwich as the chicken. Next time, I should be sure to cut them in ideal shapes for sandwiches (only some of them were particularly flat).

The baked potatoes outside the sandwich were also pretty good.

Marinating the chicken and potatoes would probably be tastier, but a coating of seasoning on the exterior does add some nice flavor.

So, while I don't plan to eat chicken breast sandwiches extremely often, I'm thinking I want to experiment with baking potatoes for sandwiches.
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