Ancient watermelon

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
We ate two small Ancient watermelons, today. One had red seeds as usual (maybe even brighter red than last year). The other was a cross and had dark seeds. They both tasted awesome, but different.

Last year, I grew two spots with it (perhaps three plants per spot). It got bigger fruit last year. It had a good taste, but not as flavorful as the two I described above. One of the plants had white flesh, and so must have been a cross. I saved seeds from the red-fleshed one. The true fruit had a pear-type shape and a bubbly pattern on its rind.

In 2017, I also grew Ancient, but I didn't track down which fruits I harvested were Ancient.

Ancient has a tender, almost pear-tasting rind. The rind isn't sweet, particularly, though.
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