Accidental tomato crosses with stripes

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
Apparently, my Amana Orange and Chris Ukrainian tomatoes are striped! That may explain why the Chris Ukrainian tomato had a different growth rate than the ones I gave away.

Amana Orange could be crossed with any of the following striped tomatoes that I grew in 2016: Girl Girl's Weird Thing, Purple Bumble Bee, or Pink Berkeley Tie Dye. If it's shape is dominant to Maglia Rosa's (which I don't think is the case), then Maglia Rosa is also a possibility. I think Girl Girl's Weird Thing is the most likely candidate, however, based on the look of the plant, and how GGWT seems to cross-pollinate stuff fairly often (although there was a Purple Bumble Bee plant closer). PBTD was pretty late that year, and didn't have a lot of fruit or foliage.

A Missouri Pink Love Apple cross in 2017 had stripes (I think GGWT pollinated it in 2016, too, since it looked like GGWT). However, it could have been mixed up seed instead. Edit: The seeds were from 2016; so, that's not likely. Indian Zebra (which some call Indian Stripe) is perhaps another possibility.

Here's the Amana Orange cross with stripes (the small tomatoes in the second picture are a volunteer which is probably Husky Cherry Red F-something x Sweet Orange Cherry F2; it ripens yellow):
Striped Amana Orange tomato cross.
Striped Amana Orange tomato cross.
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