2021 tomato fruit harvest counts

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I plan to edit this post as the fruits accumulate. Normal fruit count / bad uneaten ripe fruits / edible BER fruits (tossed BER fruits, squished unripe fruits and such aren't counted). The normal fruit count includes fruits with bad parts where the rest is intended to be used, but not BER fruits.

5CGI_B: 6
Bash_A: 7
BSX (B): 5/0/1
BSX (B1): 2
Clad_B: 3
Clad_B0: 2
Costoluto Florentino: 2
Egg Yolk: 3
Frittata Kitchen (B): 6
Frittata Kitchen (B0): 1
Horse_A: 1
Insurance_B F1: 1
Japanese Black Trifele (B1): 1
Matt's Hornet: 1
Mexican Yellow: 0/0/1
Pearler_A: 7
Pearler_A1: 13/0/1
Pearler_A2: 2 (several with BER not eaten)
Pearler_A3: 2
Pearler_A4: 2
SunChocola F3: 1
SunCitron F2: 12
SunGarnet F2: 4
v21_A3: 7
v21_A6: 7/2/0
v21_A24: 64

Non tomatoes:

Armenian cucumbers: 3
Burr Gerkins: ~98
Muncher Cucumbers: 2
Wonderberries: a lot (I haven't been counting)
Zucchini: ~5
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