2020 alpine strawberries with leafhoppers

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
The variegated grape leaf hoppers came out really early, this year, but not on the grapes (which still had a while before they grew any leaves at the time: they're starting to grow leaves now, however). They're on most of the species of plants! They only ever seemed to feast on grape leaves in previous years, and they took until maybe June or July to show up. The mild winter we had this time might have something to do with it. They're everything from stuff in the mint family, to prickly lettuce, to alpine strawberries, to roses, to hollyhocks, etc., in high numbers.

Anyway, the speckles on the strawberry leaves here, which I guess aren't very visible in the pictures, are from the leafhoppers (but these plants look great anyway):

This is either Yellow Wonder or Alexandria (the plants I have of these breeds are a few years old, but they've been in this spot since spring 2019, I believe):

This is Reine des Vallees, transplanted from my bedroom last fall (there's more than one plant in this spot); it looks as big and healthy as older plants:


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Re: 2020 alpine strawberries with leafhoppers

Here's a leaf where you can see the leafhopper damage:
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